Summer Perfection (July)

Summer Perfection (July)
Ripped to shreds.....

How dare you call Tom Cruise gay!!!

I am sick and tired of people calling Tom Cruise gay.

I bet you won't say it to his face, you know why?  Because Tom Cruise will kick your ass...

First of all, he is probably in better shape than you.  The man is 50 years old, and he is in phenominal shape.  Secondly, I'm pretty sure he makes more money than you.

So right off the bat: Tom Cruise is in better shape than you, and he makes more money than you.

Now let's look at some of his ex girlfriends/wives:

Nicole Kidman:  Nicole Kidman doesn't do a movie for under $15 million dollars, and this woman was naked in Tom Cruise's bed for about 10 years.

Katie Holmes:  Let me ask you a question, if you walked up to Katie Homes in a bar and tired to talk to her, what do you think what would happen? You think she is going to come back to your budget apartment? Do you think she wants a ride in your Toyota Camry? Hells no! She wants a man who rides a motorcycle and does amazing stunts, like Tom Cruise..

So enough hating on Tom Cruise.  When Hollywood decides to make you the next action star, then maybe you can talk.

But until then, my Tom Cruise poster is not coming down!

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